Centermark and Matchpoint Assessments

Upon completion of the Centermark and Matchpoint Assessments you are required to write a 2-3 page report based on the Centermark/Matchpoint Reflection Guidelines provided. You will also need to print your bar graph results from the assessment to include in the assignment.

Assignment Instructions:
Please use the bullet points below as a guide to assist you in writing your 1-2 page
Centermark/Matchpoint Report.
Part I
▪ Research your individual personality type indicator (ENFP, ISTJ, etc) and read about the
general characteristics of your type.
▪ Describe the specific strengths and weakness of your personality indicator.
Part II
▪ Research your opposite personality type indicator.
▪ In a team setting, what strategies would you use to enable you to work successfully with
people who have a dissimilar personality indicator (If you are an ENFP, ISTJ is your
Part III
▪ Do you see any relationship between your Centermark personality type indicator and
the results from your Matchpoint assessment?
▪ Based on your Matchpoint results, which specific career path(s) reflect your current
interests. Are these career paths in line with your current goals? How will you use these
results to think about your career goals?

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