Challenge Internship Portfolio

The Internship portfolio consists of five parts:

1.         Part 1 begins with a detailed description of the duties and responsibilities of the candidate’s current position.  It also includes a timeline of the candidate’s work life since high school (including duties and responsibilities of those jobs).

2.         Part 2 includes a comprehensive discussion of at least 5 courses the student has taken at Berkeley College that relate to his/her current position or future career aspirations and a detailed explanation why the student chose these courses.

3.         Part 3 contains 4 questions that the candidate must answer to reflect on their education and how it will help him/her in the future.

  • How has Berkeley College had a positive effect on the candidate’s education?
  • What areas could Berkeley College and the candidate look at to improve the educational experience?
  • What should the candidate’s future look like in one year?  Five years?  Ten years and beyond?
  • How does Berkeley College help the candidate reach his/her future goals?

4. Part 4 is the candidate’s completed resumé.

5. Part 5 is supporting evidence of accomplishments and achievements on the job.

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