Chanel expansion into Sweden

Please provide the following:

1. The brand overview – max 150 words

2. The Distribution Channels that Chanel uses – bullet points to be used

3. The Aaker Mode – please don’t explain what it is or use definitions. Only apply to Chanel. What is Chanel’s Core Identity and what is the Extended Core Identity.

AND the PYRAMID MODEL (please see attached images for application) – please do not write definitions for longer than one sentence. Only APPLICATION to this specific brand.

4. Chanel’s USP & ESP

Now please wright the part about Sweden.

5. Chanel Positioning

6. How would opening a Chanel store in Stockholm fit with the brand?

7. Opportunities and Challenges of entering the new market (Sweden)

8. SWOT analysis – please only make bullet points as it will be used in a table

9. Porter’s 5 Forces Analysis

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