Civil rights

Research Log 3:What are civil rights and why are they important? Discuss how civil rights are portrayed and explored by the various films and authors we have discussed in class, to date. In this log, you should essentially address the question, “how do civil rights play a part in conformity and rebellion?” Begin gathering research sources for Paper 3 and explain how you are intending to use those resources.This research log is basically a detailed outline answering the questions being asked and using some outside sources. We cannot use sources like:;; Sparknotes; Shmoop for sources.The various films my professor is referring to is called,\”the loving story\” you can google it and the summary will come up. The author she is referring to is, \”Letter from Birmingham jail\” by Martin Luther king Jr.Also if this helps, here are some notes my professor gived us on how to write a research log. I tried using them but I failed the first two logs. I\’ve been doing good on the essays, but the logs have been killing my grade. I have to get a good grade on this log.As discussed in class, here are the steps to writing a research log:1. Read and annotate all the assigned readings.2. Answer the log questions to the best of your ability.3. Refer to the Research Log Grading Rubric and see what you have to go back and fill in, in order to meet all of thegrading requirements of the log (use your textbooks for help and remember that YOU MUST USE A MINIMUM OFTHREE RESEARCH RESOURCES IN ADDITION TO THE ASSIGNED READINGS).4. Look at the upcoming paper assignment to see what you can use in your log for the paper.If nothing, go back and figure out how the log should relate to your paper — usually, you need todo additional research if your log has no connections to your paper.5. Related to #4, clearly indicate, in the log, how you are going to approach the paper,using the log as a reference; for example, your citations from your research should provide the beginningsof your paper\’s works cited page, as well as notes on your in-text citations.Note: You may find that you are not going to use the entire log for your paper — that is fine.Just be sure that SOMETHING relates.I hope this helps!

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