Classics of Western Philosophy ( 8th edition)

This is a take-home exam (open-note, open-book). However, once it is handed out, please do not discuss it with other members of the class. Resources (including Classics of Western Philosophy) should be listed in a bibliography and citations documented (footnotes please). Do not use internet sources.Please write on one of the following topics listed below. Your paper should be approximately 1,200 words in length (4-5 pages, typed, double spaced, 12 point font).Important: All three answers will require you to have an understanding of Plato’s Theory of the Forms and the tripartite soul.1. Socrates tries to keep feelings and emotions from interfering with his pursuit of wisdom. Give examples from the dialogues and explain why the desires of the body are so problematic for Plato. In what ways do the desires of the body stem from ignorance? How does Socrates’ solution create tension between philosophy and the city?

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