(CMSS) Chaldean and middle eastern social services

1. Describe the services provided by the agency and the clientele it services. 2. Provide a description of the staff that make up the agency and the qualifications of these staff. 3. Describe the process a client goes through to obtain services from this agency (e.g., intake, assessment, etc.). 4. Describe how clients are assessed once it is determined they will receive services from the agency (i.e., how does the agency determine what treatment to provide a client?) does the agency use a scale or instrument validated by the empirical literature? If so,describe it. If not, what does the agency use and how do they know its valid and reliable? 5. What evidencedbased intervention(s) is/are used? 6. If an evidenced based intervention is used, how did the agency come to the determination to use this specific intervention(s)? And how is the effectiveness of the intervention measured? 8-Any recommendations for you as you enter the field of social work?

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