Coaching and Mentoring

Assignment 4.1: (20 Points)

Consider this hypothetical scenario. You are the CEO of an insurance agency. Cathy is your top agent, and the most productive employee you have ever employed. Profits are at an all-time high, and business has never been better. Much of this success is a direct result of Cathy’s production.

Cathy is a perfectionist, and a tireless worker. She routinely works 12-hour days, and often works over the weekends. While her production continues to increase, you suspect some problems. It is becoming commonplace for her to receive phone calls, and shut her office door to talk. She has never done this before. And when she opens her door back up again, she oftentimes appears as if she is upset, but trying to cover it. The communication between Cathy and her co-workers is declining rapidly. Her behavior seems consistent with that of someone with goal obsession. You suspect problems at work, and at home. You know that you need to do something, but you aren’t sure how.

Your assignment is to design a coaching and mentoring plan between you and Cathy. Formulate your plan in detail about how you will coach and mentor her, including timelines, strategies, and goals.

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