For this assignment you will choose two cultures different from your own to compare and contrast. The first culture should be a reference culture to your own culture. In other words, you should choose a culture that shares many of the same cultural communication structures as your own. The second culture you choose should be completely different from your own culture and the reference culture you have chosen.

Written Component (80 points) – Cross-Cultural Communication Theory Analysisa. Write a 5 to 6 page (no more, no less) double-spaced paper employing one of the

Communication theories discussed in class including: Face Negotiation Theory, Conversational Constraints Theory, Expectancy Violations Theory, and Communication Accommodation Theory.

This paper will be written in two parts:


Use one of these theories to compare how individuals in each of your cultures communicate within their culture. Conclude this section with a brief discussion, based on your theoretical comparison, of the potential issues or problems that may arise in communication between these two cultures. Communication Ease explore areas of communication where the two cultures are likely to see eye to eye. In other words, what aspects of their communication styles do they have in common?


Communication Problems explore areas in which your two cultures are likely to clash when communicating with one another. Focus on two things:

A. What aspects of their communication styles conflict with one another?

B.How might you as an intercultural communication specialist may help to solve or ameliorate these communication problems?


For both sections of your presentation rely on cultural worldviews (Individualism/Collectivism, Power Distance, High/Low Context, High/Low contact, Masculinity/Femininity, etc.) to help to justify your claims. You may also find it helpful to refer to the theoretical analysis you conducted in your paper.

4. Works Cited (20 points)

You will be expected to deliver 6 to 10 peer reviewed citations in APA format. The Textbook should be cited but does not count as a citation within the 6 to 10 sources required.

***Paper GuidelinesPlease use 12 point, Times New Roman font and 1 inch margins all around

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