Communication Engineering

The longest shortcut

Please review the article available on line in the university library (text and in audio format)

The longest shortcut. By: Hecht, Jeff, New Scientist, 02624079, 3/17/2012, Vol. 213, Issue 2856

This article outlines the proposed plan of the prospective 15,600 kilometre link via the Canadian Arctic.

Once you have reviewed this article complete an outline feasibility study that undertakes the following activities:

1. In the form of a short essay categorise some of the engineering activities that will have to be undertaken to complete this installation detailing equipment and plant that will be needed along with a simplified schedule of activities. 20 %

2. Produce a schematic diagram of the optical system, including components (use parameters as given on commercially available devices citing and referencing all sources) to be used together along with the various geographic points for each item of equipment along with the associated link budget and a prospective bit rate R of the system (show all calculations made along with assumptions and reasoning). 60 %

3. Finally in the form of a short essay comment on key issues that will be pivotal in the technical and commercial success of this project (it would be advantageous here to review some previous projects in telecommunications in your essay). 20 %

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