Community Assessment

I have to assess Columbia Emergency Dental Clinic which is located at 622 W 168th St, New York, NY 10032.
You are assessing the clinical site where I currently have my clinical. Please pay special attention to all the questions being asked in word format document i have attached.
From these topics you have to choose 2 topics: Dental hygiene and Hypertension( for example, it is contraindicated to do oral surgery on a patient while the pt has high blood pressure and so on basically you will have to have a survey and indicate everything in the tables ( table compRISONS) and gather all data in tables, and address how this columbia dental emergency clinic is addressing these issues… There should be only 2 topics which i already indicted. Please follow word document Pay special attention to role of nursing? conclusions and so on.. Whatever is indicated in word format doc has to be developed in 10 pages.

Health promotion activities
You have to create a table like it is indicated in word format document : Data gathered, data generated Interpretation:…

Conclusion of overall assessment:

On the basis of the community assessment, you are able to draw the following conclusions:
Strengths of the Community
Areas for Improvement in the Community
Recommendations, including role of nursing

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