Community Health Assessment Report

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-The requires are to undertake a community assessment of the City of Horizon in order to identify and discuss the implications of a health issue for the Horizon community and consider the roles of the registered nurse in addressing the health care issue for the Horizon community.

1-Introduction (200 words): introduce the purpose and objectives of the report using relevant literature and outline the structure of the report including scope and limitations.

2- Part A: Community Assessment (1200 words)

-Demographic Profile (300 words): Factors of size, geography, age, gender, climate, marital status, family composition, ethnicity, cultural profiles.

-Psychosocial profile (300 words): includes social and psychological factors that impact upon the health of the community such as education level, employment, occupations, income, housing, transport, communication networks, volunteer groups, social support services, community groups and organisations, emergency services, law enforcement and government and leadership arrangements.

-Community Infrastructure, Goods and Services(300 words): such as shopping facilities, sport and recreation facilities, entertainment, food outlets, businesses, tourism and leisure activities.

-Health Services and Resources (300 words): such as hospitals, medical clinics, aged care facilities, specialist facilities, social services and welfare services.

3- Part B: Identification of a potential health issue (450 words)

-From the community assessment of Horizon, identify and discuss one (1) potential health related issue for the Horizon community.
-In the discussion explain how the health issue is linked to the social determinants of health and why the health issue is a priority for the community.
-Refer to at least two (2) sources of academic literature to inform the responses
-how to identify health issue?
Think about geography, or industry, or age profile, or cultural mix.
Have a look at the City of Horizon health and wellbeing plan.

4- Part C: Role of the Registered Nurse in addressing the health issue (450 words)

5- Conclusion and Recommendations (200 words)
The conclusion should provide a summary of key points, indicate the significance of the information in the report and outline any recommendations. It should demonstrate what I have learnt in relation to community health or public health.


note: it should be as a report format and I will attach the files that you will need to look at.
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