community practice project

if u were to be employed as the next Community development officer how would u use the information gathered during this semester by all students to decide what u r next steps would be. what theoretical positions and models would assist u in making those decisions? explain why you would choose the direction/ strategies/actions and the theories and models

Background: The town of Pingelly is a small town situated 158 kms south-east of Perth in the Shire of Pingelly. the town is a service centre for the local agricultural sector. there are four main community groups in Pingelly: Shire Council of Pingelly, the Community Resource Centre; the Pingelly Aboriginal Progress Association; and the Future Farm(UWA).

Pingelly history:

1. first non-indigenous settler Mr Lewis John Bayley 1846, granted 4000 acres for grazing

2. established around Moorumbine Spring

3. Surveyed 1856

4. Permanent settlement 1860

5. Great Southern Railway

6. Pingelly grew as Moorumbine declined

7. people left the Goldfields to settle in the town’

8. 1898 population of 350

9. Farming, sandalwood, mallet bark and animal skins

Pingelly currently:

1. The Shire has three town sites: Pingelly, Moorumbine and Dattening

2. Population of Shire : 1163 (ABS Census 2011)

3. 157km south-east of Perth, wheat belt town

4. 2011 census: indigenous population 11.5% of total -134 people

5. Main economic activities: agricultural, tourism

in 2011,

2 community sessions were conducted (about 80 people participated)

a community survey was commissioned and administered by telephone interviews with 103 residents

the community was invited to share their ideas on what the strengths of Pingelly are, and their aspirations for the town’s future.

Perceived strengths and unique qualities:

1. welcoming and close-knit community

2. attracts investment

3. country charm

4. important links to Narrogin and Perth

5. revitalization of the town driven by grass roots innovation and motivated community groups

6. unique railway wheat belt heritage

7. great number of community events

8. strategic location next to the Dryandra Woodlands, promotion of ecotourism

9. steadfast agricultural industry

10. mining opportunities

wishes for the future ( i.e 10-15 yrs of time)

-significant focus on the growing provision of services/ facilities and maintaing community spirit

-to maintain the rural aspect of the town

-economic development not a specific focus at community events, but individual surveys reflect that it is a priority for most people in the town.

-16%stated that there is no need to develop ‘cultural vitality’, but 15% stated that other ethnic/cultural groups need to be recognized and embraced.

the government response

the council use its role as

-civil leader

-advocate to the State Government

-provider of services, infrastructure where there is a shortfall or absence in the market or wider Government services.

-regular/enforcer: e.g. licensing and monitoring food premises. to help the people work towards their aims.

in response to the people’s comments, it devised a Strategic Plan Framework that aims to achieve main goals of

1. a healthy and cohesive community

2. an enhanced natural and built environment

3. prosperous and sustainable economy

4. effective governance and organization

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