company analysis and evaluation

In this project, you will select an organization, or a segment of an organization, and interview key employees for the purpose of gathering information concerning the organization’s critical success factors. Please be sure to inform those interviewed for this project that any proprietary information included in this project will be kept confidential. You will then develop a SWOT analysis to clarify and aid in the identification of the organization’s / segment’s CSFs. The written project requires you to prepare and submit the following in order:

1. Brief description of the organization/segment–1 paragraph.
2. SWOT analysis in chart form–Four categories – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats – each item should be clearly and concisely stated.
3. Balanced Scorecard in chart form. Clearly and concisely list CSFs in each of the four categories identified in the text. For each CSF indicate in a separate column explain how the measurement of the CSF will transpire.
4. A discussion of the CSFs chosen for the organization/segment–why were these particular factors selected? Why are they important in accessing the success of the company? (2–3 pages)
5. An evaluation of the organization/segment to determine if it is achieving each of the CSFs. Analyze each CSF and use data from the measures indicated in the balanced scorecard as support for the conclusions. (2–3 pages)

Some additional guidelines are as follows:
1. The paper should be a minimum of 5 pages, excluding the two charts.
2. The paper should be written in APA format.
3. The use of first and second person should be avoided (e.g. I, we, you, etc.).
4. You should use a minimum of your textbooks and two additional scholarly sources. Wikipedia, Investopedia, and the like are not considered scholarly sources and should not be used. Any use of these sources, will be grounds for a 100-point deduction.
5. Any personal communication should be cited appropriately within the text; however, it is not needed for the reference section.
6. The project should include a properly formatted cover page.
7. An abstract and Table of Contents are not needed.

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