Compare Oracle and Microsoft.

A complete DuPont analysis for the Oracle and Microsoft. The paper should be 500 words long. You may assume that the reader has a basic understanding of finance and knows what ratio analysis is, although he or she might not be able to list all the ratios and how to calculate them from memory. The reader is not going to want a lot of background about financial analysis. He or she really wants information that he or she can apply to the given situation, which is the company that you have selected.



I have done few of the calculations, I will need help in the rest. In the attachment you will find my excel sheet which contains 2 sheets. the second sheet are the ratios that need to be calculated. I need to calculate 3 from each section(7) which totals 21 ratios. I have done 6 so far and I would like someone to help me with the rest. Its very inportant that it is due tomorrow night. thank you


For Oracle:

You should select the 10k dated 6/28/2011 and choose to download in PDF, Word, or Excel format.


For Oracle:

Here is the link for the financial statements for Microsoft Corporation for the fiscal year ending 2011. You should select the 10k dated 7/28/2011 and choose to download in Word or Excel

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