comparision essay on Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln

These two figures may share striking similarities or differences or both. Write a comparison/contrast essay in which you compare/contrast these two figures. Lead up to the thesis statement by making a few rather broad, preliminary comments to capture the reader’s attention. You might use a quote, a startling fact, or an anecdote to introduce the reader to the subjects of your paper. Provide information to help the reader understand the role or impact of these two figures in past or current history. Explain, in general, how these figures compare/contrast. Write a thesis statement that makes a statement about these two characters. Introduce the main points that will help to create the areas of comparison or contrast.

Summarize the ways these points help to illustrate the main idea. What do the authors want the reader to understand about the figures and their contributions? How do these ideas help to illustrate these points? What, if any, startling discoveries did you make about these two figures? What important ideas about life have they helped to illustrate?

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