Concept Paper Research Method

Add to the research part of my concept paper. It is titled 8th draft needs research method. I have attached the paper I am working on so that you have an understanding of my topic. The purpose of this case study is to gain insight and understanding from Rock Hill School District high school business teachers and York Technical Colleges Instructors perspectives on additions or changes that are needed to improve graduation rate specifically in business degree areas by 10% at York Technical College over the next three years. (this is a work in progress and I am still re-writing the beginning of this paper).I need the following section written for the research methods1. Add 1/2 page more to my introduction..Continue the Research approach and design please add about 2 pages (2 pages)3. material and instruction with phase 1 and 2( 1 and 1/2 page)4. Data Collection, processes and analysis (4 pages)I have left the instructions in case you need it. They are in yellow on my paper. Also important I am enclosing a sample from a similar paper. This is to be used to guide the design not to copy it.. You may use some of the same references which are command to this type of work.If you follow what i have already worked on and the sample I have included you should be fine.

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