Contemporary Asian Literature

Option 1: Depth study of a particular genre.

– If you choose the genre option, you should focus your study on a particular chronological and cultural context and ensure that you demonstrate the relationship between the genre you have selected and the context.

– Genre for selection might include the following:

• Poetry * visual texts

• The novel * short stories

• Drama * film

• You can choose ONE of the following examples for option 1:

1: Accounts of Cambodia’s “nightmare years”

3: Tiananmen Square as represented in literature

4: Depictions of contemporary China through female authors – turning points

5: Recent Indian fiction

6: The impact of ‘Western cultural imperialism’ on selected Asian cultures through literature

7: Crime fiction in contemporary China

8: Bombay Dreams – contemporary Hindi cinema

Option 2: Case Study of a particular artist.

You can choose one of the following examples:

1. Case study of Steve Tolbert

2. Anita Desai

3. Kazuo Ishiguro

4. Zhang Yimou

5. Adeline Yen Mah

• If you choose the ‘artist’ option, you will need to consider the development of the artist’s career, the social and cultural context in which the artist operates/operated, and the artist’s major works and themes.

– Artists for selection might include the following:

• A poet

• A novelist

• A dramatist

• An essayist

• A cartoonist/animator

• A short story writer

• A film director

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