1.Executive Summary: Provide a brief overview of content of your proposal.

2.Statement of the problem: Define and analyze the major problems related to this issue.

3.History of the problem: Review the major developments in the evolution of this problem in the U.S.. How did this issue develop historically? How did we get to where we are now?

4.International context: Compare and contrast this problem in the U.S. to that of other countries. How does this issue in the U.S. compare to other countries? Is the issue more common here or in other countries and why?

5.Stakeholders: Describe the role of major stakeholders in the problem. How have federal and state governments and the health care industry worked to address this issue so far? What have been the successes and failures of their attempts?

6.Policy: Have the P.P.A.C.A. and other federal policies addressed this issue? What has been the impact of their action or non-action?

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