Course Summary

The purpose of this course summary assignment is to summarize and reflect on your individual academic achievements for this course. The following summary will be a graded component in this course and your completed RN-BS Portfolio.

For the Course Summary include the following:

1.Identify the selected paper for your portfolio as designated in the RN-BS Portfolio Guidelines directions. (Capstone Preventive Health Project and Communicable disease mini paper)1.Revise your graded paper so it reflects your best possible work.

2.Upload it to your portfolio

3.Write a 1-2 page synopsis of this course that includes:1.How you met the objectives of this course. (Do not simply copy the objectives.)

2.The knowledge you gained relative to the Course goals and outcomes and how you will incorporate the knowledge in your personal practice. There may be one or two specific goals addressed. (see below)

3.Upload this to the assignment and add it to your portfolio.

This summary will be a separate word document submitted as an assignment and maintained in the portfolio along with your course work artifact (ie. Capstone and Communicable Disease paper).

4634C Student Learning Outcomes:

1.Examine health concerns in diverse populations.

2.Analyze trends in health care delivery that impact communities and populations.

3.Appraise the impact of cultural diversity on the outcomes of population health.

4.Critique the disaster/emergency preparedness plan of a selected population.

5.Evaluate the impact of external factors on population health.

6.Describe the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of prevention for a population health issue.

7.Design a preventive health project based on the assessment of a selected population.

8.Compile a comprehensive portfolio based on the achievement of the baccalaureate program outcomes.

This summary will be completed and submitted for a grade in this course. This is also a required element of your portfolio

-the class is community health and I did a capstone project on the scarcity of mental health resources for young adults residing in Houston conty, Alabama. I also wrote a communicable disease paper on the prevalence of CRE.

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