Create a PowerPoint Presentation for the Board of Directors and Executive Leaders

Instruction & Requirements:
Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for your organizations board of directors and senior leaders to ensure they have the information they need to make informed decisions regarding changing times in the twenty-first century. Remember to provide credible facts backed by citations (give credit where credit is due) and a references page. Be sure to consider how these changing times will affect the overall health of your organization.

To ensure you cover all topics from the course, provide at least one slide per topic, with each slide containing at least one professional or scholarly resource:

The Global Business Environment

Leading and Managing Culture

Corporate Social Responsibility

Entrepreneurship, Intrepreneurship, and Innovation

Organizations and Stakeholders

Leading and Managing Change

Technology in the Twenty-first Century

Length: 12-15 slides, not including the title slide and the references slide.

Listed below are some tips for your slide presentation.

1.Begin your presentation with a title slide that includes your name. (Do not include the NCU coversheet for your PowerPoint presentation.)

2.Use plenty of white space on the slides.

3.Provide a few appropriate graphics to break up the text.

4.Use six bullets per slide or less.

5.Use Times New Roman, 28 or 32-point font.

6.Use the speakers notes area to include the information you want to share with your audience. The speakers notes must be coordinated with the information on the slides. Be sure to provide citations for your sources. Speakers Notes Length: 150-200 words for each slide

7.Be creative. You can add audio to the presentation if you choose to do so; however, it is not required.

8.Include references on your final slide(s). Include a minimum of one resource per slide. You may use any resource included in this course along with external resources of your choice (not Wikipedia).

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect professional business writing and current APA standards.

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