Critical evaluation of an academic research article

This essay will e Critical evaluation of an academic research article
ntail a critical evaluation of an academic research journal article. The article to be discussed will be selected by the student from an appropriate academic research journal.
The critical evaluation will describe the chosen article’s key arguments, using your own words, and engage critically with them. Discuss the critical arguments and perspectives that are being used in the article. Explain where you feel the arguments are strong, where they are not so strong, and discuss what you think the assumptions and implications of the article may be, and whether these differ from what the author(s) claim. Be careful not to simply state your opinions on the merit of the arguments in the articles without supporting your point with logical argument or with support from other published work.
Marks will be awarded for the clear and logical argument, for evidence that you understand the points being made in the articles, and for creative or novel lines of discussion. You will refer to other published work for support in your evaluation of the chosen article. Harvard referencing MUST be used: marks will be awarded for correct use of Harvard citation style (see the referencing guide on the course pages on Moodle). The essay must be no longer than 2300 words. No appendices will be necessary.

Essential Text
Hackley, C. (2009) Marketing- A Critical Introduction, London, Sage.
Useful additional texts
Brown, S. (1995) Postmodern Marketing, London, ITBP
Brownlie, D., Saren, M., Wensley, R. and Whittington, R. (Eds) (1999) Re-Thinking Marketing: Towards Critical Marketing Accountings, London, Sage
Ellis, N., Fitchett, J., Higgins, M., Jack, G., Lim, M., Saren, M. & Tadajewski, M. (2011). Marketing: A Critical Textbook. London: Sage.

Leiss, W., Kline, S., Jhally, S. and Botterill, J. (2005) Social Communication in Advertising: Consumption in the Mediated Marketplace, Third Edition. London: Routledge.

Maclaran, P., Saren, M., Stern, B. and Tadajewski, M. (eds.) (2009) The SAGE Handbook of Marketing Theory. London: Sage.

Tadajewski, M. and Brownlie, D. (2008) (Eds) Critical Marketing-Issues in Contemporary Marketing, London, Wiley
Tadajewski, M. and Maclaran, P. (eds.) (2009) Critical Marketing Studies, Three Volumes. London: Sage.

Tadajewski, M., Maclaran, P. Parsons, E. & Parker, M. (eds.) (2011) Key Concepts in Critical Management Studies. London: Sage.

Zwick, D. and Cayla, J. (eds.) (2012) Inside Marketing: Practices, Ideologies, Devices. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Useful additional articles (for a more comprehensive selection see Mark Tadajewski’s list on Moodle)
Brownlie, D. (2006) ‘Emancipation, Epiphany and Resistance: On the Underimagined and Overdetermined in Critical Marketing’, Journal of Marketing Management 22: 505–528.

Burton, D. (2001) ‘Critical Marketing Theory: The Blueprint?’, European Journal of Marketing 35(5/6): 722–743

Catterall, M., Maclaran, P., and Stevens, L. (2005) ‘Postmodern Paralysis: The Critical Impasse in Feminist Perspectives on Consumers’, Journal of Marketing Management 21: 489–504.

Catterall, M., Maclaran, P., and Stevens, L. (1999) ‘Critical Marketing in the Classroom: Possibilities and Challenges’, Marketing Intelligence and Planning 17(7): 344–353.

Brownlie, D. and Saren, M. (1992) ‘The Four Ps of the Marketing Concept: Prescriptive, Polemical, Permanent and Problematical’, European Journal of Marketing 26(4): 34–47.
Fournier, V. and Grey, C. (2000) ‘At the Critical Moment: Conditions and Prospects for Critical Management Studies’, Human Relations 53(1): 7–32
Holt, D. (2004) How Brand Become Icons: the principles of cultural branding, Harvard, Mass., Harvard Business School Press.
Maclaran, P. and Tadajewski, M. (2011) ‘A Critical Marketing Perspective on Marketing Education and Theory’, Social Business 1(3): 300–303.

Mingers, J. (2000) ‘What is it to be Critical?’, Management Learning 31(2): 219–237.

Raftopoulou, E. and Hogg, M.K. (2010) ‘The Political Role of Government-Sponsored Social Marketing Campaigns’, European Journal of Marketing 44(7/8): 1206-1227

Wensley, R. (1990) ‘“The Voice of the Consumer?”: Speculations on the Limits to the Marketing Analogy’, European Journal of Marketing 24(7): 49-60.

Online Resources
Royal Holloway MA Marketing blog
Other additional sources and readings are provided in the text
Useful academic sources
Advances in Consumer Research (Proceedings of the Association of Consumer Research: downloads are available at
Some Academic Marketing Journals
European Journal of Marketing
International Journal of Advertising
Journal of Advertising
Journal of Advertising Research
Journal of Consumer Research
Consumption, Markets and Culture
Journal of Marketing Management
Journal of Marketing
Marketing Intelligence and Planning
Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal

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