critically assess and evaluate current ESP approaches to the theory and practice of teaching academic writing

write 4000 words :300 for have to break down the topic and say what you are going to do

theory part: (should be 1600 words)read the theoris about teaching of academic writing, you have to provide 3 definition for “academic writing” and explain differences between academic and non academic writing.say what it is and how it should be tought.mention anything shows a problem,if they suggest any teaching approach and say what and how. problemize it. wich academic writing is more difficult for international students and native students.( is academic writing difficult for native students? ). use 10 references for this part : 6 books and 4 among journals.

for the practical part : (1600 words)you should use course book which are used to teach english. (student books and teacher’s book both ). this part will examine the ways in which academic writing is taught in various course and contrast the exercise in the course books, are they friendly to students and teachers,are they stimulating , how is nature and topics of the course books,can the book be used as selfstudy or they have to be taught by teacher,is there a special syllabus to follow,is the approach inductive ( make student to discover )or deductive ( give student the answer and they just have to copy), are the exercise suitable for pair work or group work,which of them can be selfstudied,what kind of syllabus they are (inductive or deductive).10 reference for this part,student and teachers book.

conclusion : (should be 500 words) comment on development of essay, are there enough materials and books dealing with theory and practical material,quality of materials,their there anything missing,if yes what it is and how can be provided . in terms of practice can teacher just select one book or they have to cut and paste from different coursebooks , is there a need for the teachers to produce their own supplementary coursebook.

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