GENERAL INSTRUCTIONSAll writing assignments should be in APA format. The audience you are addressing is an academic audience and all others interested in the topic. All writing assignments must be typed, double spaced, 12 point font, with 1 inch margins. All oral assignments should be accompanied with the appropriate written outline. Please see specific assignments for more detailed instructions. All written assignments will be evaluated for neatness, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Please make careful note of all due dates as late assignments will not be accepted.Annotated Bibliography:The Topic is CULTS which should include but not be limited to Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Reverend MoonThe purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to allow you to read more critically, more carefully, into the topic of your Final Research Paper. This assignment is an instrument to help you formulate a strong argument based on a critique of each of your sources. Each annotation should include in one paragraph: a summary and evaluation of the text; biographical data about the author(s); and a reflection on the usefulness of the text to your research. Your Annotated Bibliography should include a minimum of 10 sources. Credible sources should be drawn from, but should not be limited to: peer reviewed journals, periodicals and newspaper articles. It will include resources focused on your selected Magic, Science and/or Religion topic \”Cults\”. I was not sure what subject area to chose from your list, since none seemed to pertain, see below for class description. Thank youThis course will examine the similarities and differences between magic, science and religion. All are part of the human quest to understand, and ultimately, to manipulate and control the natural world. The thought processes and reasoning are similar in all three: a question or goal is posited; there is then “experimental” intervention to attempt to achieve the goal; the result is observed empirically; and its utility in attaining the goal is assessed. All three have become institutionalized, and allowed to be transmitted through generations, because they work, or at least are perceived to work, in giving humans better control of the natural world.

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