Cultural Essay

Choose a habit, a tradition, activity, event, product, service, social phenomenon, or holiday and write a critique of it. Provide such information as background history, problems, benefits, solutions, anecdotes. Write about a social phenomenon that you find unacceptable, strange, wrong, problematic, dangerous, stupid, or humorous. You may find some benefits in this phenomenon, but your purpose is to analyze and criticize it — and perhaps to offer solutions (if suitable to the topic). You may focus on the excess of a given practice or activity – like texting, physical exercise, or dieting. You may focus on the deficiency of a healthy activity, such as reading, walking, conversation, texting, healthy diet, family activities, etc. You may compare and contrast present times with the past – e.g., in the past women used to learn how to cook, but today they stop off at McDonalds or stick a Lean Cuisine in the microwave.
Sample topics: cell phones, road rage, anxiety attacks, Halloween, cyber bullying, reality television, Facebook, i-pods, scrapbooking, surfing the Net, cable television, the Olympics, the Superbowl, the Academy Awards, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

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