Directions for Reaction Papers



For this paper I am asking you to “react” to and critically discuss something that we have read, watched or discussed in class. In this paper you should discuss why you found the topic interesting, disturbing, and/or worthy of further discussion.  For example:


The debate on whether or not pornography is harmful to society really frustrated me. I would tend to agree with the liberal side of the argument because in my informed judgment they are correct in arguing that…Research shows that…




I found the reading on NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) to be quite disturbing. Regardless of what they claim, research shows that…


You must find a minimum of TWO extra ACADEMIC resources that address your chosen topic and that provide you with more fuel for your informed judgments. Please make sure to include a reference page and in-text citations where appropriate. For example:


In his study on male-male prostitution, Pruitt (2005) found that…




Barebacking defined is the “intentional involvement in unsafe anal intercourse” (Pruitt, 2005: 201).





The topic I choose:


Cyber Bulling


This is the clip the instructor showed in class


20/20 show – death of Tyler’s suicide (4 parts)



HERE is some class notes:


Bullying Defined

  • Aggressive behavior or intentional “harm doing” by one person or a group generally carried out repeatedly and over tome and that involves a power differential.
    • Power differentials can come in the form of popularity, physical strength or statue, intelligence, confidence etc.


Coping with bullying

  • Agnew’s GST
    • Bulling= presentation
    • Coping mechanisms vary



  • Willful and repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text
  • Physical separation of bully and victim is no longer a limitation in the frequency, scope, and depth of harm experienced and doled out.
  • According to the article by Hinduja and Patchin (2008) who is more likely to be a victim/offender of cyberbullying? How is this finding different from the literature in traditional bullying?
  • VIDEO: Dharun Ravi (YouTube)


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