Cyberethics: Controversial Methods to Collect & Disseminate Private Information **discuss ethical issue from this topic

All papers should start with a proper heading on page one, or include a formal cover page. This requirement should also include: your name, date, class and section (e.g. CTA/PHL 194, Section XXX), my name, and an introductory title. This paper should be 3 pages (excluding the citations page) Grammar counts. Avoid starting sentences with adverbs; phrases (with relation to . . . a lot, etc.); use proper punctuation; use proper transitions. Avoid personalizing your paper. You are ethical scholars and are presenting your ideas, thoughts, etc., on their own, and as well reasoned logic. Reserve personal your opinions and avoid using \”I\” \”my\” etc.You must cite at least three (3) authorities, and properly cite according to APA standards. Anything that is not your original thought or researched should be cited.Outline your topic, and submit the final version of the outline that you used to write your paper. I am including a \”writing guide to assist you with this task. (There are points assigned to this task)Each paper must, at minimum include: an introduction and map (first paragraph); body (several paragraphs); and conclusion (last paragraph). All examples must be referenced/supported, and (i) accurately apply ethical theory (in supporting or critique); and (ii) use informal logic/natural language argument to make your point. OBJECTIVES:Practice the ethical theory of Deontology and logical (natural language) argument.Reveal connections between ethical dilemmas and how these dilemmas show-up in the “real world”.Generate ethical awareness and advocacy.Now become a normative ethicist. Using the ethical theory of Deontology, decide whether the issue/behavior you have decided to discuss is “ethical” according to Deontology. Advocate your position. Identify any conceptual muddles and/or policy vacuums.Explain your reasoning.Conclude your paper with one solution to the ethical problem that you chose to discuss.As always, keep present in the architecture of your paper, our discussions about: enlightened self-interests; characteristics of a \”good moral system;\” the best/most productive way/setting for creating important policies; etc.

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