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Online data analysis project, equivalent to 2000 words (50%)
Broad Research Essay Topics
Choose ONE of the following questions and respond to that question in 2000 words:

1. In the following Entrepreneur article Time to Pull the Plug? 8 Real Threats to Traditional TV the majority of disruptions come from the internet and that users multitask across various screens at the same time, simultaneously. Consider (1) what is the nature of the new digital media networks we and so many other developed and developing nations – are now building and utilising; and (2) for whom?
2. How does mobile telephony enable a renewal of the public sphere and extension of democratic processes?
Here, you will need to undertake some secondary research using scholarly material to investigate and critically engage with your chosen topic broadly outlined above.
In order to demonstrate your research we will again use some quantitative data
This part of the task will introduce you to using a professional Data Visualisation Tool called Tableau.
Such visual data processing tools are vital in todays media driven world. I am going to
take this task at a very basic level.
Step 1: Download Tableau
Before you can begin using Tableau, you will need to download the current version of the software. You will have to register first but you dont need to supply a credit card number, so dont worry about being sent a bill.
NOTE: The trial version of Tableau that you download will work for 14 days only, so you will want to make sure that you have some free time in you schedule to try out the application during the trial period. You definitely dont want to begin your trial just before you have to get your assignment in!
Copy and paste this into a browser to start your download. software.html?cid=70160000000X8R8&ls=Paid%20Search&lsd=Google%20Ad Words%20-%20Tableau%20-%20APAC%20-%20AU%20- %20Free%20Trial&adgroup=Tableau%20- %20Exact&kw=tableau&adused=52651630010&distribution=search&gclid=Cj0 KEQjwx7u5BRC1lePz2biJpIYBEiQA- ZeDmqydgIVC6mN09Y_pxcKQyUEhhizo4pdh6rCDgao7wawaAle28P8HAQ
??Tableau Software produces a family of interactive data
?visualisation products focused on business intelligence and research analytics.
Step 2: Watch the video or read the tutorial if you want a deep overview
?There are some useful tutorials that you can watch as noted above. I will also upload a user guide.
Step 3: Now you are ready to produce your own data visuals on local or global technology use.
?Step 4: Finally, In order to enter your tables into your word document you will need to take a screen shot and then place it to your word document.

assessment exemplars; all tables to be in colour

Examiners will not access your Tableau account. You will export a table from the software and include it in your third assignment
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