data analysis report

For each hypothesis test you will need to:
1. State the null and alternate hypotheses;
2. Choose an appropriate statistical technique to test the hypothesis;
3. Provide a summary of the nature (characteristics) of the test selected;
4. Perform the appropriate test using EXCEL;
5. Report the results (including test statistic and p-value);
6. Include appropriate graphical representation of the results (if appropriate);
7. Provide a suitable description for the graphical output;
8. Provide a statistical interpretation; and a
9. Non-statistical interpretation for a non-statistical audience.
Your report should include:
 An introduction (overview of the problem presented);
 A method of analysis (description of bi-variate and multi-variate analysis
techniques to be used, including their assumptions);
 Uni-variate analysis (of key variables);
 Bi-variate and multi-variate analysis (hypothesis testing); and
 Summary and recommendations.

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