Data Collection and Analysis for Improved Student Learning

Part D: Articulate your plan for working with teaching colleagues and/or administration throughout the action research process. Make it clear in this section that you understand the importance of collaboration and apply the reading from Week 3 in the articulation of your personal plan.

Submit Part D in Week 5 along with Parts E, F, G, and H.

Part E: State at least three different ways you will collect data to gain insights into your wondering. Be sure to apply what you have learned about data collection in your personal plan.

The following data collection methods are not pre-approved by Walden’s IRB and cannot be used for the Problem-Based Research (PBR) major assessment. If you elect to implement this plan, to eventually become the PBR, do not include surveys, video as data, focus groups or interviews. The rest of the data collection methods described in the text have been approved for use for the PBR major assessment.

Part F: Articulate a specific plan for how you will analyze multiple sources of data. Include the process of using triangulation and how you anticipate finding discrepancies of the data. Include evidence of learning about data analysis from this course’s weekly Learning Resources.

Part G: Articulate a plan for sharing your learning with others, applying what you have learned.
Part H: Articulate a month-by-month or week-by-week plan or timeline for implementing your action research plan (see example in course text).

Remember: You are required to implement a research plan as part of your Major Assessment: Problem-Based Research. Be sure that you pay attention to your timeline and plan accordingly. You have the option to implement the research plan you developed in this course or you may choose to begin a new action research plan to implement with students.

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