Dates in Saudi Arabia

Dates in Saudi Arabia

            Dates are kinds of fruits grown in various parts of the world. Dates thrive well in arid, dry hot regions across the globe and in this case, Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest producers of the fruit currently in the entire world (Al-Hassa 2011). The research paper will seek to introduce how dates are grown in Saudi Arabia, the different varieties or types of dates grown in the country. It will also put into consideration how dates are blended with the various types’ delicacies to bring out its importance in the cuisine industry. Consequentially, it will analyze the dietary and medicinal value it adds to the human beings (Nowfal 2012). The research paper will also partly look at the regions that this major fruit is cultivated within the country and eventually how it’s exported to Canada.

A number of questions can arise from the topic, that is, ‘Dates grown in Saudi Arabia’. Firstly; what are dates and in which weather conditions do these fruits grow well? Secondly; what are the different varieties of dates grown in Saudi Arabia? Thirdly; what is the importance of these fruits concerning the health of people who consume it? Fourthly, what mechanisms or means are used during its export to different countries globally? Finally; what value does it put in to the country in terms of returns realized from its sale to the countries that import it internationally (Hill 2008)? It will also look at it briefly in terms of its lifespan.

In conclusion, from the above outline, the research paper will give an overview of how generally dates are grown in Saudi Arabia, its varieties and its realization of income from the sales proceed made after exportation, in this case, Canada.





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