Decentralisation essay

This assessment builds on the previous assignment(the conceptual framework) the I will be attaching accompanied with the feedback of the grader. Incorporating the feedback I have received on the framework, explicate my essay fully.Essay topic: While decentralisation is widely used as a strategy to improve governance and service delivery in practice it has achieved decidedly mixed results especially in developing countries. In the context of decentralisation theory evaluate the performance of a recent decentralisation policy/program from a developing country of your choice highlighting the factors that explain such results.Assessment criteria: • Thoroughly researched your essay topic showing the depth of knowledge beyond core readings• Clearly identified relevant issues and theories• Shown your ability to synthesize/integrate evidence from varied sources• Posed critical/ intelligent and clearly focused questions• Provided adequate and convincing set of evidence in support of statements and arguments• Clearly structured and expressed your ideas• Effectively aligned discussions with the framework developed/proposed• Taken an analytical approach• Made observations with lessons and policy implications.P.S :Please pay very much attention to the feedback and the assessment criteria because I need to increase the grade of this one, because my previous one wasn\’t that satisfying. 🙁 and please refer some of the readings as suggested by the grader. Thank you

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