Decision-Making Model

You are the administrator of a nursing facility. Your employees are complaining about the current procedures which require them to fill out, what they consider “extraneous paperwork”. The time they are spending on paperwork is impeding on their abilities to provide the best care possible. In addition, your turnover rate for employees has been increasing, which has begun to decrease your resident’s satisfaction. You must decide to choose one of the following solutions:
Decrease the amount of paperwork, but risk compliance issues.
Create a training program for employees to ensure the paperwork is being filled out in the most efficient way possible, but take more time away from employees to do their job.
Evaluate the processes and procedures to find out if paperwork can be combined and minimized, but the solution is longer and you may have a huge change in management and procedures.
Tell your employees this paperwork is required and make no changes.
Another s Finally, analysis of how you developed your decision making model. Then, share your final decision on which solution you would choose. Explain how you made that decision. Also explain how this information will be useful.

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