Describe a Campaign Plan (Design Identity and Key Messages (800 words) + Evaluation (400 words)

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Design Presentation 20%
Funding Bid: Pitching your Campaign Plan to the Client. Your team has been asked by a billionaire philanthropist to develop a proposal for an international communication campaign focusing on one of the Sustainable Development Goals Develop a social change campaign to be implemented in a developing country context. You are pitching for a $50,000 grant towards this campaign. Your team is made up of four people, and you will have 20 minutes to make a presentation highlighting the key elements of your campaign to your client. (Do not plan a fundraising campaign)
Students will collaboratively design and develop written and audio visual material such as logos, slide shows, prototypes of brochures, flyers, and other material as required.
Report 30% (Design Identity and Key Messages (800 words) + Evaluation (400 words)
Submit the campiagn plan in report format (available on iLearn) clearly identifying the author(s) of each section. All sections will be collated and submitted as one report. Word count: Approximately 1200 words per student. Each student will also submit a record of attendance and their contribution to group meetings as part of the individual mark.
Assessment submission: Class presentation and Turnitin submission. Please collate all material as part of one report including the individual self reflection questionnaire and the meeting log.
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