Describe how Air Force’s emerging capabilities can be best employed to deliver strategic air power effects.

Air Force is undergoing one of the most significant air power capability upgrades ever undertaken in Australia. Improved operational effects will result from the technological advances provided by these upgrades and the enhanced technical and professional mastery of those who operate and maintain them. However, air operations are only ever conducted to contribute to strategic outcomes, and professional mastery of air power involves gaining an understanding of the strategic basis for operations.In line with the strategic level of the course, do not focus on the technology of emerging capabilities or their operational effects. Rather, you may wish to consider discussing:how emerging capabilities will affect the air power rolesthe relevance of professional mastery to the strategic use of air powerhow Air Force shapes, deters and respondsimpact of capability upgrades in a whole-of-government approachAustralia’s strategic environmentair power in an effects-based approach.

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