describe the context and the outcomes.

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This report requires in-depth analysis that demonstrates your ability to apply management theory to real life situations. There are a number of steps you will need to complete to be able to write a comprehensive report. The first step is to identify an individual that you believe is effective at motivating people to achieve good performance. This individual can be someone with whom you work, someone in your work organisation that you do not work with directly, someone with whom you attend school, an individual on a sporting team or other social or recreational club. This individual will need to be accessible to you, as you will want to interview this person to substantiate your hypotheses.
Once you have identified your subject describe the specific actions/behaviours you have seen this individual display that made you choose them as your example of a someone who is good at motivating. Ensure you fully describe the context and the outcomes. I would prefer that the individuals chosen as subjects not be identified so please change any distinguishing characteristics to protect the identity of your subject and do not use their real name.
Review the literature for theories and concepts of motivation that support the effectiveness of your subject. For example, you may have chosen an individual who appears to use goal setting to assist in motivating others, or perhaps someone who is charismatic as per the trait theories and uses his/her charisma to motivate. Use the concepts/theories to explain why you believe your subject is successful in motivating other people.
Interview your subject to understand how they perceived the actions/behaviours that you identified previously. Use the interview as an opportunity to test how well the theories correspond to real managerial behaviour. You will want to describe the actions/behaviours you observed and explore with your subject their motivation for acting in this way
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