Development of an open visitation policy in the ICU

The title is Development of an Open Visitation Policy in the ICU (the need for it). I am looking for the abstract, introduction, credible sources table, and review of literature to be written and demonstrate master’s level writing. The focus of my paper is on Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) and how evidence-based practice (EBP) indicates a need for ICUs to implement an Open Visitation Policy which will ultimately improve the safety and quality of care of the ICU patient. The EBP needs to have 3 subtitles, which are (1) improved patient outcomes, (2) increased patient and family satisfaction, (3) increased nurse satisfaction. I have attached a reference page with all 30 references on it. For the Evidence Summary, there can only be 5 references used. The literature review in total only needs 12 references used, not the total 30 references. I will attach 12 articles that can used for the literature review. However, from the 12 references, please choose the top 5 articles that best supports the flow of this paper. I have included the paper that I started but it needed to be rewritten and a lot of help with fluency. You can refer to it but I am looking for a newly written customized paper. Please follow the more detailed instructions below.1.Abstract1. Problem identification2. Plan for addressing the problem under investigation3. Implementation process2.Provide an introduction (suggested length of 4–6 pages) that explains the rationale for your project by doing the following:Problem Statement – You should describe the scope of your problem, the population effected by the problem, and location where the problem exists, and other key issues specific to your problem.Problem Background – In a detailed discussion, you should include factors, issues, or phenomenon that helped create or contribute to the problem. How did this problem begin and how long has it been a problem? Are there people (individual or groups) and/or conditions that contribute to the problem? Be sure to provide substantial detail to support the background information.Summarize the scope of the project by doing the following:a. Describe the practice change, quality improvement, or innovation. This section will include a detailed discussion of each of the action steps that you will actually complete (or have completed) in support of your practice change, quality improvement, or innovation. You will need to be specific (Develop a policy).b. Provide a rationale for the practice change, quality improvement, or innovation. This section will provide an explanation of why the practice change, quality improvement, or innovation is being recommended. Explain the importance of the practice change, quality improvement, or innovation.Causes of the ProblemPurpose of ProjectProposed Solution3. Provide a thorough and well-organized literature review on your topic by doing the following:1. Review a minimum of 30 credible sources that were published within the last five years. Make a credible sources table. This section requires a general narrative discussion indicating that 30 credible sources (related to your project), published within the last five years were reviewed. You should indicate a brief statement in this narrative, indicating that your review will include the source’s applicability, the evidence grade assigned, a general appraisal of the findings, and a determination of whether the source will be included or excluded from the final list of sources that will be used. You should refer your readers to Appendix A at the end of your narrative discussion.2. Identify best practices for your topic based on the review of literature. This section involves a narrative discussion. You will identify specific best practices identified or discussed in the sources that met your inclusion criteria.3. Provide an evidence summary of the literature relevant to the topic you have chosen. This section is based on the sources that met your inclusion criteria in Appendix A – Credible Sources table. This section provides a summary (synthesis) of the findings, conclusions, or recommendations identified in the sources that were “included”. The Evidence Summary should not be an Annotated Bibliography (separate critique) of the “included” sources. Instead, it should identify the areas where consensus among the various authors of the “included” sources exists. The findings, positions, and recommendations included in your Evidence Summary should be consistent with the recommendations you are proposing.

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