Data Collection – Choose three days, one of which is either a Saturday or Sunday, for which you will record your food intake and daily activities on the provided Food Intake and Activity Worksheet. List each food, how it was prepared, and the exact amount you consumed. Include a column on your emotional status during meal or snack time.  Record your exercise activities, the duration of exercise in minutes, and the intensity of exercise.  It is important that these worksheets be recorded as accurately as possible, pay specific attention to portion sizes and descriptions of food items.  Completed Food Intake and Activity Worksheets must be included with your portfolio.

 Data Input – Input data into the computer program according to the instructions given in class OR website directions to obtain a computerized diet analysis.  Based on your daily activities, choose an appropriate activity level when requested on the computer program. Type food items consumed for each of the three days separately, as a result you will be able to printout a nutrient summary for each day as well as a three-day average.

Please note some additional recommendations. First, include in your “diet” analysis ONLY foods, NO supplements, bars, or powders. You make select to complete a fourth day to compare, if you would like. Second, use bottled water ONLY when recording water intake. Finally, do NOT create a recipe of your own. If you can’t find the exact food item, select a food that is similar in-terms of macro and micro nutrient content.

 Discussion and Analysis – Using the information obtained from the Diet Analysis printout, information presented in class lectures, and information printed in the text, you will analyze and evaluate your diet in comparison to the Dietary Guidelines for American’s (i.e. MyPlate) and other recognized dietary standards. Additionally, you will develop a personal plan to improve dietary habits.

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