Difference between siblings and friends


Difference between siblings and friends

One of the contrasting characteristics between siblings and friends is love.  The love shared by these two entities is different in the sense that the love that siblings bestow towards each other is unconditional. The love siblings’ show towards each other transcends through the seasons of life and remains unchanged. Due to this unconditional love, siblings from all sorts of back grounds share a certain bond that is strong regardless of the type of life they lead. In contrast to this, love between friends is mainly based on the establishment of a common ground. Once this common ground is jeopardized, this friendship cannot flourish.

Friendship is based on loyalty as opposed to the relationship that siblings share. Loyal friends protect each other in times of adversity. This is witnessed where friends come to ones aid in the time of financial difficulty or other difficulties. Many friends help each other when one is experiencing financial difficulty or other difficulties showing that the relationship is founded on mutual understanding. In such an instance, they are able to loan friends’ money on the basis of loyalty or give friends money to settle his or her financial difficulties.  However, there are times when friends do not help one another especially when the friendship is not based on trust or something that binds the friends together. This will define the strength of the relationship that the friends share. When such misunderstandings arise, it is more probable that the friendship will be put to doubt and may be broken. On the other hand, the relationship that siblings share does not depend on helping each other or not. Their relationship is based on blood ties that cannot be broken even when misunderstanding arise.

Another characteristic of friendship is the fact that it offers service. Good friends are always helpful to one another. In this light, friends are of great assistance in terms of service where they assist one another not only in times of trouble. These services can be of different forms and nature. They can be based on financial assistance whereby a friend offers service in the form money or other forms such as food. These services can take the form of purely lending a hand in yard sales or babysitting. This is characteristic is also evident in siblings because siblings help each other whether in good times or bad times because they have a strong bond that keeps them together.

Another trait attributed to friendship is honesty. Honesty is usually the foundation of all true friendships. Through honesty, trust in a particular relationship can be developed. In the absence of honesty and trust, friendship between individuals cannot flourish. Hence, honesty helps a person to determine that a particular individual is the right friend for him or her. For siblings, honesty does not define their relationship because it cannot undermine the fact that they were born from the same parents, as aspect that determines the fact of being siblings.

Another difference between friends and siblings is that siblings can be friends but friends cannot be siblings. The relationship that makes people friends is established between the individuals and can be broken at any time. However, the relationship between siblings is established at birth. Therefore, they can disagree but can never break that bond.

Friendship is also based on receiving. The strength of relationships is gauged based on how friends assist each other. This assistance acts as an affirmation of friendship; thus, receiving should go both ways among friends. This eradicates the crop up of dependency, which may in turn jeopardize the relationship. As a result, when friends help one another, the relationship grows stronger and healthier. In contrast to this, siblings must not receive or give so that their bind can exist. They can give or refuse to give but their relationship as siblings will always be present.

Kindness is another attribute of good friendship. Friends are more often than not kind to one another rather than selfish. Acts of kindness drive friends in a relationship to assist one another, in the event of adversity. These acts of kindness require friends to contribute equally to the friendship. This, consequently, eradicates all the instances of selfishness, which would weaken the relationship. In contrast, siblings can either be kind or not. Kindness only serves to make their relationship strong, as opposed to initiating the relationship between siblings.

Siblings, on the other hand, have differing characteristics to those of friends. The characteristics shared by siblings enable one to determine whether a particular sibling is good or bad. Siblings are influential. This is because early relationships enable the establishment of mutual understanding that helps siblings to relate with each other to adulthood. This is the case because the strongest influences occur during childhood. In contrast to this, friends are not greatly influenced by early relationships during childhood because the relationship is not bound by blood

Another characteristic of siblings is sibling rivalry. This takes place in the event that the position of a particular sibling in the family is threatened. This feeling crops up when attention and love given to another child than to them; hence, a child feels left out and abandoned. The major cause of this is the fact that a child holds his or her parents with such high regard and cannot stand all affection being directed to another child. In contrast to this, true friends rarely harbor rivalry against each other because their relationship is not attached to parental love and affection and do not share parents.

The way siblings relate to one another is variable. This is usually influenced by external factors. The relationships among siblings are influenced by facts, such as the birth order. This birth order affects how siblings relate with one another. This is evident where a first born could have a much higher authority over the younger siblings or may relate easily with the second born than the tenth born because of the age factor. In contrast to this, friends hardly show variability in their relations. Their relationships and mannerisms are usually consistent.

The relationship shared by siblings has a form of naivety. Although siblings are capable of making decisions on their own, these decisions are influenced subconsciously by the manner in which they were brought up. In contrast to this, friendship is not based on naivety rather than understanding and trust.

In conclusion, both siblings and friends have relationships that are built by certain issues that make these relationships different or similar. Among the issues that build friendships are honesty, loyalty and trust. On the other hand, the relationship between siblings is established by birthright. Other factors serve to either strengthen or weaken the relationship but cannot break it. However, when the factors that determine friendships are not present, friendships cannot exist.


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