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Summative Assessment-Brief

Time/ Deadline: Sunday 14th May 2017 [end Wk.12] Deadline 23.59. Blackboard
Type; Individual
Format: Report
Word Count: 2,500 words [+/- 10%] to exclude visuals/ads/bibliography.
Submission: Via Blackboard only. Your report will then be sent through the Turnitin system. Only then will your work be marked.
Project: An analysis of an ad campaign of your choice. An ad campaign refers to a series of ads. Your report must have the Consumer Buying Process as a main theme.
Guidelines: The ad campaign you choose must provide sufficient material for a full analysis
The campaign should have appeared across a range of platforms i.e. TV, Radio,Posters[Billboards], Online etc.
Sourcing: You will to need identify the media where the campaign appeared. It is not sufficient to source say, YouTube you must identify where the original campaign appeared.
The campaign may have an international application. You can choose the campaign from your own country as long as you translate all elements.
Copies/visuals of the actual campaign must appear with your report.
Do read the Exemplar script. It will give you a good guide as to what is expected of an excellent Report.
Strongly recommend the use of thumbnails as visual support for your commentary throughout.
You may use the ad from your Formative assignment. Do understand that you will be using it for comparative purposes as part of a campaign.
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