Discuss Attitudes of Staff in Childrens Residential Care Units towards Challenging Behavior

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FYI: the topic subject matter is Social Work, not Sociology. It needs to be written to a MASTER\’S LEVEL standard, at a merit grade at least.

The assignment is a 4000 word research proposal. This proposal is for a future dissertation assignment. The below template sets out what is expected in the proposal. The topic is \’attitudes of staff in children\’s residential care units towards challenging behaviour\’. So this concerns children that live in residential care and the impacts of staff attiudes towards them. It also means how, the residential units have a corporate parental responsbility to these children, but may treat them differently to how actual parents treat children outside of care. Also, it includes how the attitudes of staff and how the children are treated in these units, contributes to creating challenging behaviour, and how it makes it worse. It is also important to draw comparisons between the upbringings and experiences that these children have, in comparison to their counterparts in UK society. These are some examples to help the writer gain an understanding, but please make it broader than this too. Theory is essential, as it a specific search strategy. The literature that is to be accessed must be SCOTTISH-BASED LITERATURE only. Nothing international, and not much from other UK based countres.

Students should present a proposal of 4,000 words that covers the following. I have included part of the rationale for selecting the topic below, too. What I have written for the rationale for choosing the topic is about 230 words so I have put the total required to be done by the writer as 3770. The total word count must be 4000 words and no more than this. Please follow the below template strictly and directly.

Proposal for an empirical Research dissertation on the given topic:

o Rationale for selecting topic
o Search strategy employed (data-bases used, types of literature
accessed, key words and parameters used)

o Overview of literature relevant to topic
o Critique of selected studies relevant to topic
o Summary of key themes relevant to own research

o Overall aim
o Research question (s)


Critical discussion of:
o Intended methodology (I have chosen vignettes to be undertaken with staff at the residential children\’s units. Please elaborate on what vignettes are, their benefits and why they would be useful here e.g. because they are simulated scenarios they may gain honest answers from staff at residential units about their attitudes towards children in these units. Please elaborate on this. The empirical research carried out will only be vignettes with staff with these residential children\’s units.
o Sampling strategy
o Method (s) of data collection
o Data analysis
o Limitations of your study

Research timetable – this refers to a timetable of each section of the dissertation. Please familiarise with the layout of a dissertation and create a timetable of when each part of it will be completed, beginning e.g. BEGINNING october 2017 and due May 2018. Any questions please ask.

I also require an ORIGINALITY report for this paper and was informed by Mike in live chat that this was provided at no extra cost.

Please ONLY contact me via email for any queries. Do not phone me. Thank you
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