Discuss CAUTI – Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection

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Statement of the Problem and Purpose of the Study – The urinary catheterization is a key risk factor related to CAUTIs asserts that 41% of physician and nurses do not follow the CDC recommendations for evaluating and determining when to remove a catheter. Thus, we can link CAUTIs to the inconsistent assessment of the need to remove unnecessary UCs promptly by health care professionals as while adhering to best practice protocols. Therefore, nurses are the best-positioned healthcare professionals to remove unnecessary catheters independently. Implementation of an admission protocol will enable nurses to decide on the removal of UCs and improve the care quality.

Mounting pressure for safe and efficient healthcare necessitates an emphasis on a need to empower nurses with equipment and knowledge necessary for the management of CAUTIs. Healthcare practitioners, particularly nurses, can reduce CAUTI rates. The purpose is to determine whether a nursing UC protocol that identifies the best means for removal of catheter used on admission decreases UC days, a risk of CAUTIs and CAUTI rates in long-term acute care hospitals setting.

Please address ethical Issues, Limitations of Proposed Study and Implications for Practice for catheter associated urinary tract infections.
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