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The Report will involve reviewing a health system in a low and middle income country (LMIC) and writing a report for its Health Minister based on the 6 WHO Building Blocks.This description is attached as a PDF for you to save and print. There is also a Sample Report as a PDF.
The Report will be submitted by the Blackboard Assignment Link on this page. When you click into the link you will see the rubric for marking and the box which says \’Attach File\’. This is not a Turnitin Link so you will only get your receipt in My Grades (on the LH Menu).
1. Colombia
2. Mexico
3. Philippines
4. Republic of the Congo
5. Republic of Moldova
6. Serbia
1. TITLE PAGE map, demographics, economy, etc (not included in the Word count)
2. TABLE OF CONTENTS Generated by your Word document to include only Titles and main Headings
3. SECTION 1: Abstract 200 words (Not included in the word count)
4. SECTION 2: The Health System – Building Blocks in the order of your preference 2100 words
I. Governance
II. Health Service delivery
III. Health Workforce
IV. Health Information System
V. Health Financing
VI. Medicines, vaccines and technology
5. SECTION 3: Challenges and Opportunities 500 words
6. SECTION 4: Recommendations to strengthen the health care system – 500 words (this is a synthesis of the findings on the 6 building blocks with clear recommendations as to areas and means of improvement)
7. SECTION 5: Appendices (Limit of 6 tables or figures of up to 1 side each 11 point type NOT included in the word count)
A Report of a High Distinction standard is an extremely well researched and nicely presented project and in the main has excellent summary of data in all sections. There is a good balance of sources and information and analysis with a succinct presentation of strengths and weaknesses culminating in useful recommendations for the countrys health system.
Please note that the template above is to assist you in the layout of your report. There are other considerations to make to ensure your Report is well written:
Do NOT use a Cover Page – the Title Page of the Report should be your first page of your submission – the statement of disclosure where you submit your Report is your acceptance that your work is not plagiarised and is your own work.
Arial or Calibri Font size 11
Space 1.5
Footer on every page to have your name, student number and page number

Useful websites The Health System Profile report
WHO Country Profiles https://www.who.int/countries/en/
WHO World Health Reports https://www.who.int/whr/previous/en/
WHO World Health Survey https://www.who.int/healthinfo/survey/en/

World Banks countries site https://web.worldbank.org/WBSITE/EXTERNAL/COUNTRIES/0,,pagePK:180619~theSitePK:136917,00.html

European Observatory OECD countries https://www.euro.who.int/en/who-we-are/partners/observatory

The Commonwealth Fund https://www.commonwealthfund.org/
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