Discuss Mental health of refugees settled in Australia

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The topic is : \”The stressors impacting on the mental health of refugees settled in Australia\” —I have attached all instructions and you need to carefully consider this topic in the context provided as IT IS WORTH 50% —Attached is a summary list of 15 references I have found for the annotated bibliography, as well as the question they address. I have also attached the articles that I could download. Some of the items are from books I found at the University of Queensland library and so I am unable to attach them electronically —YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THE REFERENCES ARE APPROPRIATE and you can change them as you want as long as they satisfy the requirements —DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AS WELL AND THEN COMPARE THE DOCUMENTS YOU HAVE FOUND TO THE ONES I PROVIDED AND USE ONLY WHAT IS MOST SUITABLE PLEASE —Draft is due within 48 hours please.
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