Discuss religion(hinduism).

is outlined below. First, you should read the rest of the Hinduism chapter ch(31 to 33) in the textbook and the corresponding chapter in the study guide. Then, answer the following:

Choose a short passage of 10-30 lines from two of the primary sources contained in the study guide. (These are the Rigveda, a very early text, the Laws of Manu, probably compiled around the time of Jesus from earlier texts, and from about 1000 BCE, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which were probably compiled around 300 CE from older sources.) First, analyze the text. What does it say, and how is it structured. Are there interesting literary characteristics, such as the use of metaphor or parallelism? The, using the main text, explain how this text fits into the history, philosophy, belief and practice of Hinduism.

Finally, spend 10-15 minute online researching either the practice of puja or one of the Hindu Festivals named in the text.
the link of the text https://books.google.com/books?id7lEFyGiP5r8C&printsecfrontcover#vonepage&q&ffalse

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