Discuss some ethical issues faced in engineering design.

Discuss the rights and responsibilities of an engineer in the area of professional ethics. How is legal liability related to moral responsibility in engineering practice?

Should be 75 to 100 words.


2)  Paper: Responsibility in Engineering

  1. Discuss some ethical issues faced in engineering design. Provide some examples from the internet and present ideas to resolve those issues. (write at least 3 paragraphs)
  2. Research the case studies of space shuttle incidents of the Challenger” in 1986 and “Columbia” in 2003. Answer the following questions: (Use the attached template: Evaluation of Case Study)
    • What are the factors that contributed to each incident?
    • What were the similarities between the two cases? Do they reveal any common ethical issues?
    • Discuss the concept of blame responsibility and causation in relation to these incidents.

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