Discuss The struggles of the luxury hotel sector in London. Is it the end?

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The academic paper should contain:
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
MIS (However this paper will show that…)
3. Annotations
5 academic articles
o Purpose of the article
o Method (survey – what is the sample size -, experiment, interviews, literature review…)
o Finding (what does the article prove, look at the conclusion)
Then you could start a second paragraph where you evaluate the following:
o Authority of the author
o Authority of the source
o Readability (would you recommend it?)
o Relevance for your research: be specific. How will you use it, for or against your MIS? If you intend to use it for both, please be even more specific. Indicate which section you will use for the MIS and which section against.
4. Discussion
-4 arguments for:
The constant evolution of the sector
Accommodation offer is not tailored to the needs of consumer.
Home away from home concept- adapt or disappear
one more
-4 arguments against
Corporate travel remains the main source of income among the 5-star hotels
Independent boutique hotels and aparthotels under big players
two more
(finish with the strongest argument)
5. Conclusion
6. References
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