Discuss What is the critique put forth in The Grio article regarding Kim Kardashians photoshoot?

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Please go through the materials and provide answers with details. At least 4 sentences in every questions. Don\’t be vague! Thanks
Dines & Humez: Part II, pgs. 99-156
Pozner: Chapter 6
Skim: https://thegrio.com/2014/11/12/kim-kardashian-butt/ https://thoughtcatalog.com/kovie-biakolo/2014/11/how-to-un-break-the-internet-comparethe-plight-of-sarah-baartman-to-kim-kardashian/ https://jezebel.com/368655/is-vogueslebron-kong-cover-offensive
Media: Mickey Mouse Monopoly (22:38-42:49) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1lsFjmcYj0 (Transcript: https://www.mediaed.org/discussion-guides/Mickey-Mouse-Monopoly-Discussion-Guide.pdf)
2. How does the film, Mickey Mouse Monopoly discuss the ways in which race is portrayed in Disney films? Give two specific examples from the film.
3. According to Pozner, what are China Dolls and Dragon Ladies, and how do these constructs come out in reality programs such as, Top Model?
4. Connect Pozners concept of Entitled divas and ghetto bitches to reality programming? Connect a contemporary example to one of the shows mentioned in the section.
5. According to Pozner, who needs humble pie and how does this challenge the notion that femininity and race intersect in specific ways?
6. What does Pozner have to say about Tyra Banks journey into fashion and modeling, both as a model and a judge?
7. What is the critique put forth in The Grio article regarding Kim Kardashians photoshoot?
8. Why is it problematic to have Lebron James substitute in King Kong in the photoshoot?
9. According to Hall, what is ideology? What are the three important things he lays out?
10. According to Shome, how do white women come to represent transational motherhood? How does this connect to both transnational adoption and imperialism?
11. According to McKay and Johnson, how have Serena and Venus Williams been framed as threats to the sport itself? Do you see overlap between the authors points and Pozner (look at the section titled Ghetto Cinderella).
12. How does Rogers argue Barbie challenges the assumption that the doll is both heterosexual and cisgender?
13. How does Kay argue we have taken a step back in challenging the sex/gender binary? Provide two examples.
14. According to Lee and Moscowitz, how does gender and class intersect in the series Real Housewives of New York City? Provide two examples.
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