Discussion 2

After reading Chapter 7: Cost Behavior and Break-Even Analysis and Chapter 8: Understanding Inventory and Depreciation Concepts and watching the video on Break Even Point (Analysis) easily explained, complete the following questions.

Answer the following questions below. The minimum word count for all three initial post questions (total) to the discussion board question(s) should be a min. of 300 words or more (excluding reinstatement of the discussion board questions and references).

1) List and describe two pros (advantages) and two cons (disadvantages) of a break-even analysis.

2) As future Heathcare Administrators, how would you use (utilize) break-even analysis within the workplace?

3) If you were giving the job as supervisor at large healthcare facility managing scientific equipment, describe in detail how you will deal with inventory.

-Post an example inventory document (i.e., link, pdf, word doc.,etc.) and or link to a software inventory program you would use to keep track of all scientific equipment and explain your reasoning of choice.

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Book is to the left, Titled Health Care Finance. Chapter 7 and 8

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