Discussion Activity Research: Understanding policy development and change (Part I of the application of the 3-i framework)

This order need a high level of doctoral professor who knows epidemiology and methodology and it needs a background in health policy research field and all the instructions in (Week5_Discussion Activity_ Instructions.docx) and all the sources are attached in 3 files. ( 2 main sources )theories required reading – chapters in book) and one article (example about the application ( Mental article)About this assignment: this assignment has only two parts for this week and it’s a bit different than last week and easier:# important note: please read the required reading very very carefully because it’s critical to cover them and please I don\’t want to send the paper back again for revision if it will not meet the expectation.@ Part 1: (Important: Essay part) Short essay assignment in only 500 words (five hundreds) : in different file: Short essay (500 words using double spacing and 12pt Times New Roman font), which will involve the completion of that discussion activity and related questions in the format of this assignment may either comprise answering each of the assigned questions (in sequence) or a more free-flowing essay format (provided you ensure that you address each of the discussion questions). A conventional referencing style must be used, e.g., author, date system; numbered refs with footnotes or endnotes as necessary.This part 1 should be straight to the point and specific in more details and evidence of understanding and covered all the points of the first source.@ Part 2: Ask 2 questions about the main sources (chapters of the books) that you couldn’t understand or you would your classmates to answer (there are guideline about good question and poor questions)

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