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1500 word Discussion Paper

In this assignment, you are required to respond to a set of questions to discuss the research process in relation to one of the nominated research topics. The assignment will demonstrate your ability to conceptualise a research project and think through the steps, issues, and debates critical to completing a social research project. In order to complete this assignment, you need to select one topic from the list below and answer the questions that follow in relation to your chosen topic.

There is a general guide for the word count for each question provided below in brackets throughout, but this is not compulsory. Bear in mind however, that it is your responsibility to make sure you answer the questions within the word limit. Do not include long quotes, use your own words as much as possible, reference your sources using Harvard style, and remember to edit and spell-check your work.

Select from one of the Topics below and create your own research question.
TOPICS (select one from the following list):
1. Gender
2. Youth
3. Employment
4. Migration
5. Sexuality
6. Ageing
7. Housing
8. Mental Health
9. Community
10. Environment

Upon doing so, answer the following questions in question and answer format. So ensure within the paper that the question is written first and then the answer below it and so on for all 7 questions. Ensure you stick to the word limit for each question.

Questions (you must address/include all 7 and include a Harvard style reference list; remember that the word count proffered is a guide only)

Question 1: Parameters of the research (300 words)
State the topic you have selected and explain your specific interest in researching this topic. Remember you cannot research everything, make your framework and parameters realistic.
What do you want to find out?
Why is it important?
What social issues do you see as relevant to research of this topic?

Question 2: The research question (100 words)
Based on Q1 (above):
Phrase your research question clearly and succinctly;
Identify the assumptions underpinning your research question.

Question 3: Clearly explain your epistemological position and your theoretical framework for the research topic you have selected. (100 words)
One word answers are not sufficient, you must contextualise & explain/clarify your position

Question 4: Identify and explain any ethical issues associated with your research question (100 words)

Question 5: Research design (300 words)
Briefly explain the research design. In so doing provide clear links to your epistemological position and theoretical perspective, as well as to your methods for collecting and analysing the research data.

Question 6. Methods for collecting the research data (300 words)
How will you collect the research data (not secondary research)? Identify the method(s) and explain why these method(s). Remember, the methods you choose to collect and analyse your research data must be compatible with each other and with your research purpose.

Question 7. Methods for analysing the research data (300 words)
How will you analyse the research data? Identify the method/s and explain why you are engaging these method/s. Remember, the methods you choose to collect and analyse your research data must be compatible with each other and with your research purpose.

References. Harvard style (not included in word count)
You must include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed sources (books and/or articles) current and relevant to the research question you are addressing.

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